CogniSure Benefit Insights Automates the End to End Process of Employee Benefits

Jessica Tan
Joe DiBella
EVP & Practice Leader
National Employee Benefits

 For self-funded employers, benefit plan claim reporting remains a major pain point. In representing our clients, we get a myriad of unstructured data from health plans and insurers that makes data evaluation time consuming and complex. It takes hundreds of hours of manual manipulation to harmonize reams of disparate reports and turn them into actionable data points to help clients better manage self-funded plans.
Thankfully, CogniSure AI has revolutionized this archaic process with their new Benefit Insights solution. Their platform systematically merges data from multiple vendors across multiple lines and creates a powerful web-based data set we can use to help clients implement strategies to bend the cost curve 

  • Employee Benefit Brokers spend a significant amount of manual effort & time to collect, analyze and prepare client reports for their self-funded and fully insured plan clients.
  • Nonstandard, unstructured data buried in PDF and Excel documents provided by carriers ( enrollments, claims, cudgets, premiums, etc. )is manually intensive to harness.
  • On average a benefits broker spends 10-20 hours per month per client in data collection, analysis, and reporting.
  • HIPAA compliant CogniSure AI platform recognizes documents received from top health insurance carriers and extracts the data, creates monthly reports, and provides actionable insights on a sophisticated and interactive dashboard.
  • Types of reports recognized and processed
    • Enrollments
    • Claims
    • High Claims
    • Several other benefit documents received by brokers
  • The CogniSure platform allows self-insured brokers to keep tabs on high claimants and limit losses to mitigate client's financial risk.
  • Help reduce broker administrative burden by automatic extraction of data and report reconciliation.